The “Team Metro” Green Initiative

SustainabilityMetro Document Solutions is committed to providing customers with environmentally conscious products. That’s why, as agents in promoting sustainability, we find ways to be a greener, more productive member of the community we serve. We’re proud to say we live and breathe “green” too!

Our environmental programs include:

Toner and Cartridge Recycling – Our copiers carry toner in recyclable plastic bottles, able to be recycled in the same way as a water bottle. Our printer cartridges are able to be shipped back to the manufacturer for reuse or recycling.

Equipment Reuse – When machines are at the end of their contract, “Team Metro” is able to repurpose them for use as loaner machines, or for wholesale purposes.

Equipment Refurbish or Recycle – Once a machine has reached the end of its life, it comes back to our warehouse and is stripped for reusable parts. Once salvageable parts have been collected, the machine is recycled by one of our trusted recycling partners so that it does not end up in a landfill.

Internal Recycling – Our employees understand the value of recycling, which is why Advance provides bottle, can, and paper recycling internally for our employees. Recycling receptacles are available in our lunchrooms and a dedicated employee collects paper for recycling from every workstation and workspace on a daily basis.

Box Reuse – Every cardboard box that enters our warehouse is evaluated and assessed for reuse. Customer orders for toner and supplies are sent out in previously used boxes to cut down on the use of cardboard. If a box is unable to be reused, “Team Metro” recycles it.

Green InitiativeEnvironmentally Conscious Partners – Sustainability is top of mind for “Team Metro”, which is why we choose to partner with those who are committed to fostering new and innovative ways to reduce their environmental footprint. Through research and development on energy consumption, use of alternative resources and recycling systems, our partners are committed to seeking greener, more efficient technologies every day.