Security with Lan Connections

Security with Lan Connections

Security from network protocols

Operation can be enabled/disabled for each port.

Invasion from outside can be prevented by disabling unnecessary ports.


The IP address filtering function enables selective access to devices on the network by setting permitted and prohibited addresses.


User Authentication

This is available for network-related functions using the network authentication function provided by the Active Directory service. Authentication by Active Directory is available not only for network function but also for device function. Authority is given by a combination of pre-registered user ID and password. Internal data is protected since only pre-registered users can use the devices.


Security for Address book data imported from networks

Input of the device administrator’s password is required to import address book data collectively from a network.

If the wrong password is input, data cannot be registered. Since the data registration is password-protected, there is no chance to alter existing address book data at this time.


bEST (bizhub Extended Solution Technology)

bEST(bizhub Extended Solution Technology) acquires and sets device data via networks by the SSL encryption protocol. By using its original password, communication will be made more safely. When managing the important data of the device (e.g. setting user authentication information), the data is safely protected by bEST.


Encryption of data communication

The SSL encryption protocol is used for data communications between an LDAP server, PageScope Data Administrator or Address Book Utility, and PageScope Web Connection, and the main body.

Data is protected as it is encrypted during communications between networks.

Quarantine Network Support

The IEEE802.1x feature allows you to authenticate the device against the RADIUS (Remote Access Dial in User System) server in order to connect to the quarantine network. These networks will only allow devices into the network if the RADIUS server approves the authentication.


Action against viruses

Differently from usual PCs, controllers that are built-in Konica Minolta products use VxWorks as the OS. Therefore, it is considered rare for controllers to be affected by viruses via LANs.

Server typed Fiery controllers made by EFI use Windows as the OS. However, the vulnerability of Windows is covered by providing necessary Windows security patches on a timely basis.

Protection against viruses from USB memory

Virus infection from USB memory is caused by program files automatically executing when the USB memory is inserted in the device. Konica Minolta devices do not support functionality to automatically execute files by inserting the USB memory. Threfore, Konica Minolta devices are not affected by these types of viruses.

Konica Minolta devices support the capability to print image data stored in USB memory, as well as store scanned data and User Box data in USB memory. However, these tasks are done through user operation and not through automatic execution.