Security of Output Data

Security of Output Data

Copy protect function

This function puts a woven pattern on a copied or printed image as an original document. When the original document is copied, the woven pattern of a message (e.g. “Copy”) comes up, and by that message the copied document can be clearly distinguished from the original.

Besides the message, MFP serial number and copied date and time can be set for the pattern. The combination of the information on the woven pattern and the audit log helps to trace the person who copied illegally.


Copy Guard Function/Password Copy Function

This function allows you to embed a Copy Guard security pattern on the output so that when a user tries to make a secondary copy of the output, the device will display a message that says “Copying Prohibited” and will prohibit copying. Also, the Password Copy Function allows you to set a password so that by entering the correct password, the Copy Guard security pattern embedded document can be copied.