Scanning Solutions

Scanning Solutions

Document Scanning & Routing

What is Document Routing?

Our Document Routing solutions close the gap between the digital and non-digital worlds so that your information can travel to its destination quickly – regardless of its format.

What Does It Do?

For instance, paper documents can be scanned using a multifunction system and sent out to a variety of destinations, including:

  • Email addresses
  • Fax numbers
  • Network server locations
  • Web server locations

Making this even easier for your end-users, the distribution buttons can be configured to control your workflow. For example, a “New Order” on your multifunction system can be programmed to start the scanning process of your purchase order, and the system will automatically start the following processes concurrently:

  • Read the purchase order number to assign name for the document file
  • Email the purchase order to the accounting manager as a PDF file
  • Fax a copy to the warehouse to prepare for shipping
  • Store the customer’s copy in the respective folder within the document management system
  • Preserve an archive copy in the “Orders” folder on the network server
  • For added convenience, you can also use the multifunctional system to manually route scanned documents to an email address, to network file folders, or even to your desktop
  • We will guide you through configuring the workflow and distribution buttons in the way you desire them through our exclusive EIP integrated platform. CONTACT US today to discover how this technology can improve your business processes.