D R1600

With intuitive operation and automatic focus/exposure control, the Konica Minolta DR1600 makes document scanning quick and simple in a wide range of microfilm recording applications — allowing even first-time users to produce sharp, clear images right from the start.

Key Features:
  • Scans documents up to 11” x 17”
  • Crisp, clear image quality
  • Automatic focus & reduction
  • PC connectability
Other Features:

  • Scans original documents up to 8-1/2” x 11” as single frames, large documents as double-width frames
  • Auto focus and exposure control on the desktop microfilm scanner produce crisp, clear images
  • A precision fluorescent lamp delivers uniform illumination for consistent exposure, roll after roll
  • RS-232C interface connects scanner to PC to use with the Computer Assisted Retrieval systems
  • Precision Konica Minolta lenses are designed for high-resolution imaging at all focal length
  • Zero-space filming eliminates the gaps between frames to record more images per roll
  • Frame indexing for faster, easier frame identification (up to three 4-digit or single 12-digit number per frame)
  • Single-corner positioning on the desktop microfilm scanner for aligning your originals more quickly

Highlighted Accessories:

  • RS-232C Interface for PC scanning
  • 6-Digit Resettable Mechanical Counter
  • Foot Switch for comfortable operation during long scanning sessions