Recycling Program

Equipment/Electronics Recycling Program

“Team Metro” – We Secure Your Data So You Have Peace of Mind

When it comes to recycling or disposing of copiers, cell phones and IT equipment, we realize these items may hold sensitive company data. That’s why we securely handle the collection and proper disposal of each unit in a way that protects your data as well as the environment. “Team Metro” now offers a recycling program in which we recycle empty laser toner containers, inkjet, fax, copier and MFP (all-in-one) machines and cartridges, used cell phones and IT equipment each year. We carefully inspect, classify and prepare collected items for remanufacturing or earth friendly end-of-life disposal.

Acceptable Electronics for Recycling

The following table provides a general idea of the types of equipment we accept for recycling.

Computers and Peripherals Office and Telecomm Equipment
Desktop PCs/Servers
Monitors (Flat Screen and CRT)
Computer Mice
Cables & Accessories
Hard Drives
Computer Power Supplies
Computer Peripherals
Gaming Devices
Network Devices
Circuit Boards/Cards
Media Speakers
Fax Machines
Video & Audio Equipment
PBX Systems
Projection Equipment
Security Equipment
Receivers & Transmitters


Mobile Devices Data Center Equipment
Cell Phones/Smartphones
Personal Digital Assistants
Gaming Devices
MP3 Players
Power Distribution Units
Mainframe Computer Equipment
Motor Generator Sets
Server Racks


Cable Equipment Laboratory and Medical Equipment
Cable Boxes
(analog, digital, satellite)
Anesthesia Units
IV Pumps
Ultrasound Equipment


Test Equipment Electronic and Industrial Scrap
Commercially Available
(not customized)
Please call for details


Home Office Equipment Home Entertainment Equipment
Mobile Phones
Copiers & Multifunction Devices
Phones & Communication Devices
Cables, CDs & DVD Media
Cable Set Top Box
(analog, digital, satellite)
Accessories & Cables
Plasma & LCD TVs
Stereo Equipment
Hi-Fi Speakers
Video Players
Digital Cameras
DVD Players
Video Cameras
Game Consoles