As you begin your research into secure document or network management, its often helpful to see how our solutions have successfully provided quality results to a wide variety of customers. The following list represents the flexibility of the open architecture within our products and how they were tailored to fit the needs to the industry.

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1.  Government/Military

We take pride in supporting the communities we live in and in understanding the unique requirements of Public Sector customers. Our Solutions experience enables “Team Metro” the ability to provide the best solution with the best local resources, available in the area. Therefore, we have developed solutions that provide value, increase productivity and reduce costs.

  • Our National programs allow us to serve agency needs across the country.
  • We will provide a Free Assessment  of your environment, optimize your infrastructure and provide ongoing services to your company
  • Scanning options that allow scan to email, file or FTP file folder per your copier.
  • ENERGRY STAR compliant copier and document solutions, recycling programs and Solid Ink Technology printer and MFP programs to reduce waste.
  • Security- Most of our MFP’s ship standard with Secure Print, Network Authentication and Image Overwrite to protect sensitive documents.
  • Achieve stronger levels of document control and process security.
  • Increase productivity by transforming paper into editable electronic documents.
  • Improve citizen services with faster, more accurate document processes.
  • Shrink the vast environmental footprint through greatly reduced paper consumption.

2. Education

“Team Metro” offers innovative solutions that enhance the learning experience of students, while enabling better management of resources by educational institutions.

This single, unified solution fully integrates our MFP devices and campus card systems to provide you with an effective printer fleet management solution. Designed for colleges, universities, K-12 schools and school districts, it helps you:

  • Minimize printing expenses
  • Generate revenue
  • Ensure document privacy
  • Offer flexible pay-for-print payment options
  • Maximize printer and fax equipment efficiency

Cost Tracking and Access Control

Our solutions make it easy for schools – including colleges and universities, K-12 schools, academic libraries, and others – to recover campus-wide print and copy costs, make printing convenient without compromising security, and encourage responsible printing.

Through our workflow solutions, schools can easily track, analyze or charge for every page output by any student, faculty member, staffer or guest on any:

  • desktop printer,
  • networked multifunction printer (MFP), or
  • walk-up copier.

Schools can track the amount and type of output, by user and by device, to determine how to optimize its fleet and better manage costs.

These solutions can also control access to devices, protect students’ personal information, and reduce wasteful, unnecessary and unclaimed output due to easy access to supposedly free printing.

SMART Cost Effective Color Printing 

Teachers know that color creates greater impact with their students, improving the learning process. However, with ever-tightening budgets, schools, colleges and universities have to get the most from their budgets.

Our solid ink technology enables educational institutions to take advantage of high-impact color for pennies, often for no more than it costs to print black and white. The unique three-tiered meter plans classify documents based on the actual amount of color used — no more paying full-color prices for low-color documents. This provides the best of both worlds – greater impact and less cost.

Clean Environmental Sustainability

Our supplies and paper products enables more environmentally responsible printing. Less waste, non-toxic ink, less packaging requiring less energy to transport, and less energy required by the device, all contribute to reducing a school’s carbon footprint — saving the environment and providing another important lesson to students.


3.  Healthcare

“Team Metro” solutions within the Healthcare Industry

  • Ability to track and authenticate critical documents / Secure Access
  • Enable healthcare clients to more thoroughly manage their critical documents
  • Securely route pertinent information into their EMR
  • HIPAA compliance
  • Auditing of confidential documents
  • Healthcare forms management and automation MFP Security Features:
  • Hard Drive Removal at the end of the copier life cycle
  • Firewall Fax and Network Separation
  • Image Overwrite Options-OUR MFP’s standard process of shredding information stored on the hard drive
  • Network Authentication and Authorization
  • Encryption
  • Secure Print
  • Secure Access
  • DocuShare Document Management Solution:
  • Management of secure documents with 3 levels of security
  • Supports all file types, enables fast indexing
  • Enhances content management


4. Legal

Providing full cost recovery and access control is a key issue for the legal industry.  One Xerox solution allows users to release printed documents at the MFP of their choice. Another solution provides access to award-winning print management and cost-control solutions through the Xerox MFP’s touch screen control panel. So now you can enjoy simplified tracking of prints, copies, scans and faxes, with no terminals to purchase, install or maintain.

Benefits of Equitrac Professional Extended to Walk-Up Services

  • Capture and recover the cost of every MFP activity.
  • Increase user mobility, convenience and productivity.
  • Print documents securely to networked Xerox WorkCentre MFPs.
  • Manage total output volumes and eliminate waste.


5. Non Profits


  • Serving the people:  Provide quality services with quality and low cost.
  • Fiscal responsibility:  How to do more with less resources.
  • Access, control and productivity:  Security, disaster recovery and automating tasks within a changing workforce.

Featured Solutions

  • Donation Processing – Streamline the management of donations by using web-based document management and multifunction devices to scan and route supporting documents.
  • Records Management – Whether for hiring volunteers or the processing of applications for community benefits, we can automate the process providing compliance and increased security.
  • Patron Access Management – Recover print costs, generate new revenue streams, improve services and increase productivity with a modular, scalable card solution.
  • Communication Services – Greatly improve response rates to marketing, reduce outbound solicitation calls and get donations quicker by using the latest in media and channel communications.
  • Workflow Assessments – Analyze needs, capabilities, processes and costs associated with document creation and distribution. We offer a wide range of cost control and recovery capabilities, eliminating waste and misuse, resulting in cost savings.