Data Security

Data Security

Data SecurityThe need for advanced office security and measures to prevent data loss is escalating. Potential security pitfalls range from employees accidentally seeing confidential information to unauthorized leaks and all the way to well-coordinated, malicious attacks on your network. Regardless of scale, these breaches can cause immeasurable damage to your business. “Team Metro” stays ahead of the danger by offering advanced security features to shut out intruders, secure your office and ensure the integrity of your most important asset, trust.

Our products are equipped to handle the most rigorous standards of security, meeting the Federal Information Process Standard (FIPS 140-2 compliant) a Federal Security standard that establishes a security encryption level to be used with hardware and software devices.


Industries Finance & Insurance / Shipping / Service / Wholesale & Retail /
Real Estate / Medicine & Social Services/ Banking
Divisions General Affairs, Human Resources & Administration /
Planning & PR / Logistics / Sales / Legal
Scale Small, Mid-size and large-size organizations, Government Entities
Solution keywords Security Management, Document Management, Finance & Accounting, Risk Management

“Security is a major component of both the products and document solutions that we offer to our clients. DATA BREACHES are one of the most challenging aspects of today’s technology. Our certified Data Solution Team can help your company to close the gap.”

Keith Wise- Vice President of Sales